Entrepreneur Sound-Off

35-How to Engender Trust in Your Bids

December 01, 2022 Randy Wimmer
Entrepreneur Sound-Off
35-How to Engender Trust in Your Bids
Show Notes

Engendering trust is one of the most important, unstated aspects of any proposal effort.  If the Source Selection Board does not trust your company or your bid, then they will find away to lower your score.  Low trust usually results in a lower confidence assessment, enabling the Source Selection Board to award the contract to a trusted bidder!  Trust and confidence are very closely related. 
The five Cs of trust include:   

  1. Care
  2. Communication
  3. Character
  4. Consistency
  5. Competence

These components of trust are not always easy to convey...however, one easy way to engender trust is through the attainment of ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certification.  ISO 9001 Certification includes Program Management Reviews and a Customer Satisfaction Program that shows your customers that you're committed to meeting their performance needs.  

With an ISO 9001 Program, Communication of key performance indicators and customer satisfaction is both routine and DATA DRIVEN, providing 100% actionable insights! 

Character is best defined by how you operate when nobody is watching.  In an ISO 9001 Certified company, you are focused on the quality of internal performance and deliverables, making your claims that you will be committed to ensuring the highest possible performance for your customers more believable.   

At the core of any ISO 9001 Program are repeatable, documented and version-controlled processes that ensure Consistency providing high-quality deliverables.

Finally, Competence is PROVEN with the prestigious ISO Certification through verified adherence to globally-accepted industry best practices!  In fact, less than 1% of US companies possess ISO Certification.   


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