Entrepreneur Sound-Off

38-Business Resolutions That WORK!

December 28, 2022 Randy Wimmer
Entrepreneur Sound-Off
38-Business Resolutions That WORK!
Show Notes

The New Year is an ideal time to rejuvenate your entrepreneurial efforts, pursue ambitious small business goals and affect positive changes in your company!  However, you must have "better" resolutions to produce "better" results!  Here are three tips that will significantly improve entrepreneurial goals:
1.  Create "resolutions with bite!"  Or, as I call it, "Dream with Consequences."  You should fully document the NEGATIVE repercussions of NOT attaining your resolution/dream/goal.  If you consider your resolutions as simply "icing on the cake" then they have very little probability of accomplishing them.   Either you're woefully wrong or your resolutions are relatively meaningly otherwise. 
2.  Don't make the desired outcome your resolution.  Instead make the ROUTINE self-assessment of your progress your resolution.  For example, to lose weight, don't make your resolution to "lose weight." Instead, make your resolution to weigh yourself every week. 
3.  Create enablers for success.  Include a partner or family as part of your resolution.  Join a class.  Earmark designated time in your schedule to accomplish your goal.  Join a cohort.  Etc., etc.

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