Entrepreneur Sound-Off

41-Really Good CEOs are NOT Heroes!

January 09, 2023 Randy Wimmer
Entrepreneur Sound-Off
41-Really Good CEOs are NOT Heroes!
Show Notes

It all begins at the top with great leaders. However, leadership doesn’t always look like people think it does.  Being a great CEO does NOT mean that you must be able to come through with heroics, time and again, to be successful.  In fact, the opposite is true.
The driving forces behind business success are documented processes, well-defined roles & responsibilities, management oversight, and data-driven decision-making. Good leadership is documented. Bad leaders heroically respond to non-existent policies, undocumented processes, and ill-defined corporate roles.   

As a first-time CEO, I learned this the hard way when I discovered that my company could not grow beyond our first large contract award. I relied upon the structured construct of becoming ISO 9001 Quality Management certified to achieve my business goals.   

It worked...we won hundreds of millions of dollars in set aside contracts, leading to a successful acquisition.   

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